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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Handy Scripts on

The best location for scripts (think Wizards SBS folks) is Jim Harrison's ISA Tools website. A script is nothing more than a wizard and a good SBS manager is a wizard friendly administrator.
Community is a wonderful thing.

Check out for the full listing of available scripts.

Here's a few of my favorites: This handy tool allow you to create a non-standard SSL port for ISA. So for example is you have an app that requires port 8443, or 443, or even 123 you can create the port using this tool. Simply edit the script with the port number you need.

ISAINFO: Collects all of your ISA settings in one handy reference file. Great for sending off when you are in need of support. Also, great to have around in case you mess up the system and need to recreate your previous settings. Sets up ISA to allow MSN Instant Messaging.

SessionKill: Kills all existing sessions to enforce your Internet access schedules. Otherwise, ISA will allow an existing connection to online poker to continue, even if lunch hour is over.

WinHTTP, WinInet, WinSock error codes: Links to list of error codes so you can actually look up what those numbers mean in the ISA logs. Wow.


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