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Friday, January 27, 2006

Allowing ADP through ISA 2004

Using ADP for payroll and need to allow it to communicate out of your network with the ADP servers? Here's how:

1. Open the ISA 2004 Management Console (start->programs->Microsoft ISA Serer->ISA Server Management)
2. Expand the node and select the “Firewall Policy” tab.
3. Select the Tasks tab on the right side of the console.
4. Select Create New Access Rule.
5. Name: ADP. Pick next.
6. Allow rule. Click next.
7. Chose Selected Protocols form the applies to box and click Add.
a. Expand ‘Web’
b. Select ‘HTTP’ and click add.
c. Select ‘HTTPS’ and click add.
d. Click close.
8. In the ‘rule applies to traffic from these sources’ click add.
a. Expand network sets.
b. Select All Protected Networks and click add.
c. Click close.
d. Click next.
9. In the ‘rule applies to traffic sent to these destinations’ click add.
a. Select New from the top menu and select ‘Domain Name Set’
1. Name: ADP
2. Click New and enter: *
3. Click Ok.
b. Expand Domain Name Sets and click ADP. Click Add.
c. Click Close.
d. Click next.
10. Leave the setting for All Users and click next.
11. Click Finish.
12. Click apply in the ISA management snapin.


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