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Thursday, January 12, 2006

NEW ISA MVP's Awarded

Tom Shinder blogs that several new ISA Server MVP's have been awarded. Here's reprinter of his blog entry.

Hey folks,

I had no idea until today how many new ISA firewall MVPs we have! Check
this out:

Amy Babinchak -- Amy enters the ISA firewall space via SBS 2003 SP1. Amy is the leading contributor of ISA firewall information on the SBS platform over at

Jason Fossen -- new MVP and he's located here in my neck of the woods -- Dallas, Texas. Jason runs the ISA firewall scripting Web site

Moez Mezghani -- new MVP from North Africa

Martin Pavlis -- MVP from the Czech Republic

Alessandro Perilli -- MVP from Italy and the genius who taught me how to support four NICs in a VMware virtual machine :))

Meibo Zhang -- a friend of mine from China who has a tremendous Chinese language ISA firewall site at

Hong Zhi Zhu -- another new MVP from China, Chong Qing. He's active in the Windows IT Pro magazine web boards and has written a number of articles on the ISA firewall

Hopefully one day all the ISA firewall MVPs will be able to get together at the same time in the Redmond world wide MVP conference.

Welcome them to the club!



Thomas W Shinder, M.D.
MVP -- ISA Firewalls
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