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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Updated Firewall Client Available

The new firewall client is available for download and should be installed on all workstations. This new firewall client supports 64-bit OS and resolves a conflict with Defender. All versions of ISA are supported.


At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Dale Unroe said...

Thank you very much for the heads up Amy.

Too bad its not an .msi file though so as to push this out though Group Policy. This requires a manual uninstall of the exisiting client before installation. Lot's of client by client work to this update.

At 8:43 AM, Blogger Amy - Harbor Computer Services said...

You can push this out. In SBS we usually use the Assign Applications to Client Computers tool. I made note of this in an old blog post. Search for "silent" and you'll find it there. Meanwhile, here are the details that you'll need. It's a repost of an ISA message board post.

Hello all,

Been lurking for weeks and figured I should post this as i've not seen it posted anywhere.

Many of you may know or read here that you can perform a silent install by running:

\\%isaserver%\MSPCLNT\SETUP.EXE /v"/qb+/r:n"

Well you may not know that you really can run this:
\%isaserver%\MSPCLNT\SETUP.EXE /v"/passive"

Basically the /v"variable" means it passes whatever is in the quotes to the msi. By passing the /passive command you get unattended mode - progress bar only. No need to click "okay". There are other switches you may prefer depending on your setup. Let me know if anyone wants them and I'll post.

Sorry if this is already well know, I looked forever and only found the first commands but they were less than ideal.

take care,


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