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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Thank you!

I'd like to put in a big thank you to several people that made a difference in the world of ISA support in 2006.

Jim Harrison - Without Jim there would be no ISA community. He's a man of infinite patience and belief in community. We only managed to push him over the edge twice this year and given how many buttons were pushed, only twice says a lot for his character and ability to see beyond the surface bull to the real issues.

Susan Bradley - The World News, the Great Library of Susan, the ever helpful and passionate about community nearly to a fault Susan. If you haven't heard the name then you must live underwater someplace. No one can read Susan and always agree with her but that's part of what makes her voice invaluable. Susan isn't afraid to ask the difficult, the unsaid, or to point out the elephant in the room and when you need her support she's right there. I love that.

Tom Shinder - Given Tom's opinions about SBS some will question my sanity for mentioning him here, but just as many will question my mention of Susan above. Truth be told the combined passion that these two have for their respective communities, if harnessed, could resolve the west coast summer power problems. Tom's dedication to ISA and community through his articles and forum support surpasses the rest of us combined. His comments can be harshly worded but I value them even so. Besides, I think we have an understanding.

Andy Goodman - Andy will probably fall off his chair if he's sees this but Andy has done some excellent work detailing what needs to be done to stop CRM and ISA from trying to kill one another and CRM works as an SSL site to boot. Since Microsoft put out the SBS version of CRM and didn't include instructions that made any sense, they owe him some thanks as well. But since that probably isn't coming Andy, you'll have to get by with just mine.

Eriq Neale - Because he said after reading the chapters I wrote for his book that he's converting his clients over to ISA. When your boss says that, well, you've got to say thank you.

Thanks also to the readers. Most of you find this blog through Google or links from other blogs. I get a couple of comments every week usually direct to my mailbox. Thanks for those; they mean a lot.


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